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About  Us
Nollywood Journal ( is an online journal devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of Nollywood and the Diaspora. It is a journal focusing on the Nollywood and African movie industries, including the African Diaspora. It will also welcome the work of non-African / non-Diaspora movies that emphasize African themes. Nollywood Journal provides a forum for articles of highest quality that are devoted to Nollywood and African movies. We are proud to be an emerging viable force in the international arena for discussion of African movies. In the near future, we will expand our website. We believe in innovation.

Objectives of the Nollywood Journal:
  • To publish articles on Nollywood and African movies.
  • To promote African culture through the lens of Nollywood and African movies.
  • To preserve and maintain African culture and traditions through this channel.
  • To encourage the continuation of creative film activity by African filmmakers/videofilmmakers.
  • To undertake and encourage research on Nollywood and African videofilms.
  • To guide and support students and researchers on Nollywood and African videofilms.

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